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Beautiful in Cantonese

There are at least two ways to say “beautiful” in Cantonese: 靚 ( colloquial;  means good-looking  as in 靓相 pretty photos; high quality or high class as in 靓车 – good cars such as Lamborghini  or Porsche )  美麗 (美丽)  (beautiful, not just pretty; formal;  sometimes shortened to  just 美.   so 美国 can mean beautiful country) 好好睇 …

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Colloquial Cantonese(3)

Colloquial Cantonese Lesson Three Let’s learn how to say “To be or not to be.” 係 hai6 ☆係唔m4係(是不是) = is or not? ☆係咁gam2 (是这样)= is like this ☆係嘅ge3(是的) = It is. ☆係喇laa1(是了) = so it is ☆係嘞laak3(对了) = that is right. ☆係噃bo3(是的哦) = Oh, it is. ☆係吖aa1(是啊) = Yes,(I agree). ☆係呀aa1(是啊) = Yes, (I agree). …

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Colloquial Cantonese (2)

Colloquial Cantonese  Lesson Two 冇 mou5  ( do not have; there’s none) = Mandarin 没,没有 This is a Cantonese word. We don’t have it in Mandarin. ☆冇乜嘢 mou2 mat1 je5 (没什么) = have nothing at all.It’s nothing.(it’s OK) ☆冇嘢(没什么)= nothing ☆冇你咁好氣(气)mou2 nei5 gam2 hou2 hei3(没有你那么耐心) =have no patience like yours(don’t want to talk to you …

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