Colloquial Cantonese(3)

Let’s learn how to say “To be or not to be.”
係 hai6

☆係唔m4係(是不是) = is or not?
☆係咁gam2 (是这样)= is like this
☆係嘅ge3(是的) = It is.
☆係喇laa1(是了) = so it is
☆係嘞laak3(对了) = that is right.
☆係噃bo3(是的哦) = Oh, it is.
☆係吖aa1(是啊) = Yes,(I agree).
☆係呀aa1(是啊) = Yes, (I agree).
☆咪就係囉mai6zau6hai6 lo1 = That’s right.(I agree to this obvious point.)
☆係啰(囉)lo1(就是嘛) = a tone-down version of 咪就係囉.
☆係啩gwaa3(可能是吧)= perhaps it is
☆係咪mai6(是不是)= 係唔m4係 is or not?
☆係咩me1(是吗)= is that so?

Please note that 咪 here is taking 6th tone instead of the 1st tone(mistake in the video):  mai6 &

The Cantonese phrases and expressions we teach here are so colloquial that the Chinese characters used do not make sense at all in Mandarin. If you find them difficult, you need to practice more and try to learn them again and again from your own conversations with Cantonese speakers or find them in the Cantonese movies or TV programs. Don’t give up and keep learning and you will find more fun in learning Cantonese.








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