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  • Learn #Chinese with Pinyin Caption

    Yesterday, I just found a very good website to learn Chinese with Pinyin or Jyutping caption. You may find a good example here:

  • Checked Tone or Entering Tone 什麽是粵語入聲字

    粵語凡是以 -p -t -k 結尾的就是“入聲字”。 英文稱爲 “checked tone” or “entering tone” 否則就是不是“入聲字” Otherwise, they are not “checked tones” Inspired by 黃樹堅老師-粵語30秒教識大家認”入聲”字 of Yuet Lab 粵語詞研究所 #粵語語音 #粵語研究 #粵語入聲字

  • Happy Birthday in Cantonese

    How to Say Happy Birthday in Cantonese in 2023? Well, even in other years, it may be the same. Or we may use some different way. Now, at least you need to learn the basic expressions in Cantonese: We found a great Cantonese version of Happy Birthday song in Cantonese: 生日歌新版2021(廣東話版)

  • Beautiful in Cantonese

    Page Editor update: this page encoding (for Chinese characters) was messed up by the hosting database setup. We are trying to restore or improve it.   Date: Jan 26 2023 There are at least two ways to say “beautiful” in Cantonese:   靚 ( colloquial;  means good-looking  as in 靓相 pretty photos; high quality or high class…

  • How to Say Please in Cantonese

    There are two words that means “Please” in Cantonese: ? ? ? ?    (this may also mean ask or invite) ??    (this phrase can also mean “Thank you”. Literately it means “not deserved” or “should not (bother you). ”  ) We can use them interchangeably.   The first form is more formal. Examples:…

  • Happy Father’s Day

    I know that we already have a post on Father’s Day: Happy Father’s Day in Cantonese (new mp3 ) You may also learn how to say it with Jyutping at Learn How to Say “Have A Nice Weekend” in Japanese as well as Mandarin and Japanese

  • How To Ask For Permission to Marry His Daughter in Cantonese

    This is a request from a and visitor. The two sentences are: 1)I  love  and respect  your daughter very much. ngo5hou2ngoi3     tung4maai4     hou2zyun1ging3 nei5ge3 neoi5 我  好爱        同埋        好尊敬        你嘅女。 2)I      humbly request your permission to  marry her. ngo5    him1bei1gam2    cing2kau4 nei5 wan5heoi2    ngo5 tung4keoi5 git3fan1 我谦卑咁请求您允许我同佢结婚。

  • How to Say “Happy Father’s Day” in Cantonese?

    父親節快樂!(Traditional Chinese) 父亲节快乐! (Simplified Chinese) fu6can1zit3 faai3lok3 (JyutPing) father’s day happy You may also download the better sound mp3 for “Happy Father’s Day” in Cantonese below:

  • How to Say in Cantonese?

    In Youtube, you can find quite some video on “How to Say It in Cantonese”, and some were created by Cantonesepod. Here we include some by others too for your convenience:

  • I love you so much in Cantonese

    Today we are going to learn how to use “hou5” which means “very much” in Cantonese. I know. Some already learned to use “hou5” as “very”. e.g. hou5 leng3 ?? very pretty. We can also use “hou5” to mean “very much” together with “love” or “hate” ?? ? ? ? ? ?? ? ? ?…

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