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  • Common Phrases Mandarin vs Cantonese

    和国语不同的粤语常用词 Mandarin vs Cantonese 粤语打喷嚏的说法是“打乞嗤”,读音为“daa2 hat1 ci1”。 以下是一些类似的与普通话不同的粤语常用词: 打哈欠:打喊露(daa2 ham6 lou4) 打嗝:打思噎(daa2 si6 je6) 流鼻涕:流鼻水(lau4 bei6 seoi2) 咳嗽:咳(haak3) 感冒:伤风(shang4 fung1) 发烧:发热(faat3 jit6) 头痛:头晕(tau4 jyun4) 肚子痛:肚痛(dou1 tung3) 拉肚子:肚泻(dou1 seoi6) 这些词汇的粤拼和普通话的对应关系如下: 粤语 普通话 打乞嗤 打喷嚏 打喊露 打哈欠 打思噎 打嗝 流鼻水 流鼻涕 咳 咳嗽 伤风 感冒 发热 发烧 头晕 头痛 肚痛 肚子痛 肚泻 拉肚子 drive_spreadsheetExport to Sheets 需要注意的是,粤语和普通话在发音上存在一些差异,因此在学习粤语时,需要注意正确的发音。…

  • Happy Birthday in Cantonese

    How to Say Happy Birthday in Cantonese in 2023? Well, even in other years, it may be the same. Or we may use some different way. Now, at least you need to learn the basic expressions in Cantonese: We found a great Cantonese version of Happy Birthday song in Cantonese: 生日歌新版2021(廣東話版)

  • Happy Father’s Day

    I know that we already have a post on Father’s Day: Happy Father’s Day in Cantonese (new mp3 ) You may also learn how to say it with Jyutping at Learn How to Say “Have A Nice Weekend” in Japanese as well as Mandarin and Japanese

  • Cantonese For Missionaries: Lesson One

    With the help of’s Cantonese Pronunciation Dictionary, we can start some easy lessons for missionary. Lesson One: 1. 神是愛 (God is love). 2. 耶穌是我哋嘅救主 (Jesus is our savior). 3. 我愛耶穌 ( I love Jesus). 4. 我愛耶和華 (I love Jehovah). 5. 神愛世人 (God loves the world). For pronunciation, you may click the above Chinese to…

  • Colloquial Cantonese(1)

    Our colloquial Cantonese lesson series. ???????hou2 ci5 gai1 tung4 ngaap3 gong2 It’s like chicken talking to duck, who can’t understand each other at all. ? gai1 = chicken(s) ? ngaap3 = duck(s) ? gong2 = talk, speak ?? hou2 ci5 = similar to, like Until our next lesson Colloquial Cantonese(2)

  • Follow Me to Learn Cantonese(2)

    In this lesson, we are going to learn some common nouns, verbs and pronouns that we can use in some sentence patterns. There two videos in this lesson

  • How to Say “Happy Father’s Day” in Cantonese?

    父親節快樂!(Traditional Chinese) 父亲节快乐! (Simplified Chinese) fu6can1zit3 faai3lok3 (JyutPing) father’s day happy You may also download the better sound mp3 for “Happy Father’s Day” in Cantonese below:

  • I love you so much in Cantonese

    Today we are going to learn how to use “hou5” which means “very much” in Cantonese. I know. Some already learned to use “hou5” as “very”. e.g. hou5 leng3 ?? very pretty. We can also use “hou5” to mean “very much” together with “love” or “hate” ?? ? ? ? ? ?? ? ? ?…

  • How to say: Will You Marry Me in Cantonese ?2?

    Another verb that means “marry” in Cantonese is ?? It really means “(a man) marry (a woman)”. So for a girl to ask a man “Will you marry me?”, she should say nei5 jyun6 ji3 ceoi2 ngo5 maa3 “???????” (colloquial) or nei5 jyun6 m4 jyun6ji3 tung4 ngo5 git3fan1 aa3 “???????????”(Are you willing to marry me?…

  • Learn Basic Cantonese(3)

    Happy Friday! Glad to see you hear again. URL for this Learn Basic Cantonese(3) Today, we are going to learn how to say wishes in Cantonese. 11. ??????? = Have a nice trip 12.??????? = Wish you a happy weekend / Have a nice weekend 13.??????? = Wish you a happy birthday 14.????????????? =…

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