Lesson6: How to say this in Cantonese?

Lesson 6 How do you say this in Cantonese?

Hi, 大家好!
Welcome to CantonesePod.com! 欢迎大家来到粤语播客!
What! What did I say?
glad meet ( glad to meet you = welcome)
big family (= everyone)
come to
Guangdong language (=Cantonese)
= broadcast
播客 = podcast ( derives from 博客 for blog and similar sound of podcast )

OK. Today's sentence pattern:

How do (you/we) say/write ... in Cantonese/English/French/Japanese?
粤语/英语/法语/日语 ... 点讲/写?

= how
= say/speak
= write

A:粤语 "I love you" 点讲? How do you say "I love you?" )

A:英文 点写啊? ( How do you write the word "ugly/shame" in English?)
B: U-g-l-y
A: 英文 LOVE 点串啊? ( How do you spell "love" in English?)
B: L-O-V-E
= spell ( literately means string something together )
= question indicator (put at the end of a sentence to change a statement into a question. )
OK, see you next week at CantonesePod.com

Lesson 5:I want to go to Beijing in Cantonese

Hi, everyone, 大家好。
In our last lesson, we learned how to say where you are from.
In Today's lesson, we are going to learn to say the places you want to go.
Now sentence patterns:
1)I want to go to (Beijing...)
2)He needs to go to (Hong Kong...)
3)My wife has been to San Francisco and Los Angeles

Cities and places:
Guangzhou(Canton),Shanghai, Suzhou, Hangzhou, Taipei, Taiwan, Las Vegas, New York, Saigon, Sydney,

Try to use what you have learned:
I want to go to Hong Kong.
I've been to Guangzhou.

Let me know what other places you want to say.

Podcast Lesson This Week: delayed

Hi, Everyone,

For those expecting Lesson Five, sorry that we have to delay till next week due to our beta issue and changes on our sites (we are trying to make it a better learning environment to help you.) Yes, we need more contributors, so if you are interested in helping, please let us know.

Let's just relax and have fun this week and forget about this week lesson:

Did you know a new Cantonese Chat Room is launched at


and maybe you can find some Cantonese learning buddy there.

Have a nice weekend!

CantonesePod.com Team

Lesson 4: Where are you from?

Lesson 4 Where Are You From?

English: Where are you from?
Cantonese: nei5 hai2 bin1dou6 lai4
nei5: you
hai2 (Cant.) to be located at; here means from
bin1dou6: where
lai4: come

English: I'm from the US.
Cantonese: ngo5 hai2 mei5gwok3 lai4

English: I'm American Chinese.
Cantonese:ngo5 hai6 mei5zik6 waa4jan4

English: Born in Hong Kong, grew up in the US.
Cantonese: hai2 hoeng1gong2 ceot1sai3 hai2 mei5gwok3 zoeng2daai6

hoeng1gong2 香港:Hong Kong
mei5gwok3 美国: beautiful country = America
Please note that in the recording, "lazy" sound "gok" is used instead of "gwok" as in our daily life. We did this on purpose as you should also understand it when you hear it from a native Cantonese speaker.

English: I'm American
Cantonese:ngo5 hai6 mei5gwok3 jan4

Extra in the 2nd mp3 file:
1Please tell me where you are from.
2I am from the US.
3I'm from Canada.我喺加拿大来。
4) I'm from Japan.我喺日本来。
5) I'm from Korea.我喺韩国来。
6) I'm from South Korea.我喺南韩来。
7)I'm from UK (England).我喺英国。
8) I'm from Sweden. 我喺瑞典来。
9)I'm from the Netherlands.我系荷兰人。
10) I'm from Hong Kong.我系香港人。
11) I'm from Macau我系澳门人。
12) I'm from Vietnam。我系越南人 (Note: 1st one jyut6laam4jan4 uses "lazy" sound. 2nd one jyut6naam4jan4 is "correct" or official. We let you hear it because young people are using lazy sound everywhere.)
13)I'm Cantonese.我系广东人。
14)I'm from Brazil.我系巴西人。

Not: in the mp3:
Holland is a very beautiful country.
Formal Cantonese:荷兰是一个非常美丽的国家。

Lesson 3: Please tell me what you are doing

Here's our podcast Cantonese lesson three .

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Without forward ado, here's our weekly lesson:

Lesson Three: Please tell me, what you are doing.

Hi, everyone, did you miss us? I've been missing you! Seriously!
Welcome to CantonesePod.com.
Today we are going to focus on some useful verbs.
Let's get actions!

First, the sentence pattern of this lesson:

请问( ) ...
cing2man6 ...
Please tell me so and so.. Continue reading "Lesson 3: Please tell me what you are doing"

Two Minute Cantonese Lesson Two: Food(2)

Hi, everyone,

Here's the mp3 for Lesson Two. We continue to talk about food since it is important and useful.


pdf files will be available soon. We are looking for some volunteers for scripting work.

Thank you very much.

Have a great weekend!
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Two Minute Cantonese Lesson One: Food(1)

In this lesson, we'll learn about food, which is considered "heaven" by us human being.


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