Lesson 3: Please tell me what you are doing

Here's our podcast Cantonese lesson three .

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Without forward ado, here's our weekly lesson:

Lesson Three: Please tell me, what you are doing.

Hi, everyone, did you miss us? I've been missing you! Seriously!
Welcome to CantonesePod.com.
Today we are going to focus on some useful verbs.
Let's get actions!

First, the sentence pattern of this lesson:

请问( ) ...
cing2man6 ...
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Two Minute Cantonese Lesson Two: Food(2)

Hi, everyone,

Here's the mp3 for Lesson Two. We continue to talk about food since it is important and useful.


pdf files will be available soon. We are looking for some volunteers for scripting work.

Thank you very much.

Have a great weekend!
Click this for the simple script:
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Two Minute Cantonese Lesson One: Food(1)

In this lesson, we'll learn about food, which is considered "heaven" by us human being.


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Two-Minute Mandarin Lesson One: Food(1)

This is Lesson One of our mini series: "2-minute Mandarin Lessons"