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  • How to say:days of the week in Cantonese?

    It should be easier to remember the names for the days of the week in Cantonese if you’ve already know how to count from 1 to 7: [display_podcast] sing1kei4yat1 ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? sing1 = star/planet kei4 = period jat1 = one Another way to say the days of the week is…

  • How to say: will you marry me in Cantonese ?1?

    How can a man say “will you marry me?” in Cantonese? nei5 jyun6ji3 gaa3 bei2 ngo5 maa3 ???????? nei5 = you jyun6ji3 = be willing to gaa3 bei2 = marry to (a man) ngo5 = me/I/my So “ngo5 jyun6ji3 gaa3 bei2 nei5” = (the girl said:) I am willing to marry you. Some still asked…

  • How to say: I miss you in Cantonese

    So how to say I miss you in Cantonese? Here we go: [display_podcast] ngo5 hou2 gwaa3zyu6 nei5 ? ? ?? ? = I miss you very much hou2 = very, good. Used here for stree. gwaa3zyu6 = miss (someone) Can’t find what you want to say? Bookmark us and come back here in a couple…

  • How to say:My Cantonese Is Not Good in Cantonese

    ngo5 ge3 gwong2 dung1 waa2 m4 hou2 ???????? = My Cantonese is not good. ?????????? ngo5 = my ge3 = of; someone’s ngo5 ge3 = my/mine nei5ge3 = your/yours gwong2dung1waa2 = Cantonese; the dialect of Guangdong province. m4 = not hou2 = good ?????????? = My Cantonese is not very good. (Note: that in the…

  • How to say “you are (so) handsome” in Cantonese?

    In Cantonese, how do you say “you are (so) handsome”? [display_podcast] ? ? ? ? nei5 hou2 leng3 zai2 = you are so handsome leng3 actually means “good-looking” zai2 = boy

  • How to say “you are pretty” in Cantonese

    How do you say “you are pretty”? [display_podcast] nei5 leng3 ? ? but we usually say it with the “hou3 (very)”: nei5 hou3 leng3 ? ? ? = you are (so) pretty. you very pretty How do you say “you are (so) handsome”? Check for our next article.

  • How to say “sorry” in Cantonese(2)

    Let’s talk about the 2nd way to say “sorry”: [display_podcast] 2. m4 hou2 ji3 si3 ? ? ? ? not good meaning?intension) = feeling embarrassed Let’s try your listening in this Youtube video Pay attention from 0:43 of this 10 min video. Related: How to say “sorry” in Cantonese(1)

  • How to say “sorry” in Cantonese(1)

    There are two ways to say “Sorry” in Cantonese, at least: [display_podcast] 1. deoi3 m4 zyu6 ??? = Sorry (deoi3 = face, m4 = not, zyu6 = hold/up … I cannot face you or hold my head up to you… because I feel sorry..) 2. We will talk about the 2nd way in our next…

  • How to say “I like (it/you)” in Cantonese

    How to say “I like it” (before you really fall in love with it 🙂 ? ngo5 = I, me zung1 = center, central, in the middle of ji3 = thought, idea [display_podcast] ngo5 zung1 ji3 = I like (it/you/him …)

  • How to say “I love you” in Cantonese?

    So many people asked for this, so I have to post this first. ?ngo5 = I ?ngoi3 = love ?nei5 = you [display_podcast] ??(?)? ngo5 ngoi3 nei5 = I love you. How do you say “you love me”? Just reverse the words: ???nei5 ngoi3 ngo5 (Isn’t Cantonese simpler than English? You bet!) Note: Young native…

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