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  • Vivek Mahbubani, Indian Speaking Cantonese

    A great Indian speaking Cantonese A funniest person. I just love him!

  • Happy Mother’s Day in Cantonese with sound

    Happy Mother’s Day in Cantonese Here’s quick and short lesson: ?????? [display_podcast] Detailed definition Want to know how to say “Happy Mother’s Day” in Mandarin Chinese? Click Here.

  • Cantonese Idiom:Knock on wood

    Some of our fans ask us to pronounce some idioms from http://www.cantonese.ca/idioms.php 1. 大吉利是 knock on wood (knock the wood). It actually means saying something not quite appropriate at that time so bad luck would come if what is being would come true. 2. 对牛弹琴 play the music to the cow, who cannot understand. Talk…

  • Lesson 10: I am busy in Cantonese

    Hello everyone, ???? Here’s our Cantonese podcast Lesson ten at CantonesePod.com. Did you try our “how to say” in Cantonese series? Let review two of the series: How to say “you are pretty” in Cantonese How to say “you are (so) handsome” in Cantonese? nei5 hou3 leng3 ? ? ? = you are (so) pretty.…

  • Lesson 7: I don’t have time.

    Hi, ??????????I’m Paul) Welcome to CantonesePod.com! ???????? Today’s sentence pattern: I have … ?? I don’t have … ?? … mou2 ?: (Cantonese Chinese character) do not have/have none/there is none. ?????????????? I have a lot of money, but, I don’t have time. ???????????????? I have a lot of things to do, but I have…

  • Lesson6: How to say this in Cantonese?

    Lesson 6 How do you say this in Cantonese? Hi, ???? Welcome to CantonesePod.com! ??????????? What! What did I say? ?? glad meet ( glad to meet you = welcome) ?? big family (= everyone) ?? come to ?? Guangdong language (=Cantonese) ? = broadcast ? =guest ?? = podcast ( derives from ?? for…

  • Lesson 5:I want to go to Beijing in Cantonese

    Hi, everyone, ???? In our last lesson, we learned how to say where you are from. In Today’s lesson, we are going to learn to say the places you want to go. Now sentence patterns: 1)I want to go to (Beijing…) ???(??) 2)He needs to go to (Hong Kong…) ???(??) 3)My wife has been to…

  • Standard Cantonese ???(???)

    What is Standard Cantonese? The language spoken by the people in Canton? Canton is now officially called Guangzhou ??, which is the capital of Guangdong Province in Southern China. It is generally agreed that Standard Cantonese is the dialect spoken natively in and around the cities of Guangzhou, Hong Kong, and Macau in Southern China.…

  • Lesson 4: Where are you from?

    Lesson 4 Where Are You From? [display_podcast] English: Where are you from? Cantonese: nei5 hai2 bin1dou6 lai4 ? ? ?? ? nei5: you hai2 (Cant.) to be located at; here means from bin1dou6: where lai4: come English: I’m from the US. Cantonese: ngo5 hai2 mei5gwok3 lai4 ?????? English: I’m American Chinese. Cantonese:ngo5 hai6 mei5zik6 waa4jan4…

  • How to say:days of the week in Cantonese?

    It should be easier to remember the names for the days of the week in Cantonese if you’ve already know how to count from 1 to 7: [display_podcast] sing1kei4yat1 ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? sing1 = star/planet kei4 = period jat1 = one Another way to say the days of the week is…

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