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  • How to say: will you marry me in Cantonese ?1?

    How can a man say “will you marry me?” in Cantonese? nei5 jyun6ji3 gaa3 bei2 ngo5 maa3 ???????? nei5 = you jyun6ji3 = be willing to gaa3 bei2 = marry to (a man) ngo5 = me/I/my So “ngo5 jyun6ji3 gaa3 bei2 nei5” = (the girl said:) I am willing to marry you. Some still asked…

  • How to say: I miss you in Cantonese

    So how to say I miss you in Cantonese? Here we go: [display_podcast] ngo5 hou2 gwaa3zyu6 nei5 ? ? ?? ? = I miss you very much hou2 = very, good. Used here for stree. gwaa3zyu6 = miss (someone) Can’t find what you want to say? Bookmark us and come back here in a couple…

  • How to say:My Cantonese Is Not Good in Cantonese

    ngo5 ge3 gwong2 dung1 waa2 m4 hou2 ???????? = My Cantonese is not good. ?????????? ngo5 = my ge3 = of; someone’s ngo5 ge3 = my/mine nei5ge3 = your/yours gwong2dung1waa2 = Cantonese; the dialect of Guangdong province. m4 = not hou2 = good ?????????? = My Cantonese is not very good. (Note: that in the…

  • Lesson 3: Please tell me what you are doing

    Here’s our podcast Cantonese lesson three . Thur. or Friday is the time for our weekly update for a new lesson. I’d like to give thanks to all the good feedback to encourage us to do more and better. We haven’t got any “bad” feedback yet, but any feedback is welcome. Your suggestion for improvement…

  • Ho Kwok Wing – Speaking Cantonese – ???

    Scripts: ?????. ????????. ngo5 hai6 ho4 gwok3 wing3. ngo5 hai6 jat1 go3 ou3 zau1 gwai2 lou2. ngo5 = I/me; hai6 = am/is/are/to be; ho4 = river?surname here) gwok3 = country; wing3 = glory; jat1 go3 = one (person); ou3 zau1 = Australia; gwai2 lou2 = a humorous way to call “foreigner(s)”, it does not really…

  • How to say “you are (so) handsome” in Cantonese?

    In Cantonese, how do you say “you are (so) handsome”? [display_podcast] ? ? ? ? nei5 hou2 leng3 zai2 = you are so handsome leng3 actually means “good-looking” zai2 = boy

  • How to say “you are pretty” in Cantonese

    How do you say “you are pretty”? [display_podcast] nei5 leng3 ? ? but we usually say it with the “hou3 (very)”: nei5 hou3 leng3 ? ? ? = you are (so) pretty. you very pretty How do you say “you are (so) handsome”? Check for our next article.

  • Two Minute Cantonese Lesson Two: Food(2)

    Hi, everyone, Here’s the mp3 for Lesson Two. We continue to talk about food since it is important and useful.  [display_podcast] pdf files will be available soon. We are looking for some volunteers for scripting work. Thank you very much. Have a great weekend! Click this for the simple script:

  • How to say “sorry” in Cantonese(2)

    Let’s talk about the 2nd way to say “sorry”: [display_podcast] 2. m4 hou2 ji3 si3 ? ? ? ? not good meaning?intension) = feeling embarrassed Let’s try your listening in this Youtube video Pay attention from 0:43 of this 10 min video. Related: How to say “sorry” in Cantonese(1)

  • How to say “sorry” in Cantonese(1)

    There are two ways to say “Sorry” in Cantonese, at least: [display_podcast] 1. deoi3 m4 zyu6 ??? = Sorry (deoi3 = face, m4 = not, zyu6 = hold/up … I cannot face you or hold my head up to you… because I feel sorry..) 2. We will talk about the 2nd way in our next…

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