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Learn Cantonese by Listening to Chinese Radio

Internet is such a great place to learn any languages including Cantonese and Mandarin.
It is now so convenient for you to create an emergent learning environment using the Internet radio station.

Cantonese learners in San Francisco Bay Area are lucky to have Singtao Chinese Radio, which is also available online at They have both Cantonese and Mandarin programs.
The Chinese characters for "Singtao Chinese Radio" are 星島中文電臺 (星岛中文电台) sing1 dou2 zung1 man4 din6 toi4 (in Jyutping )

You may listen to live program if you have Windows Media Player installed and use Internet Explorer: (6am to 2pm then 4 to 6pm Mon-Fri PST). In Dublin/Pleasanton/San Ramon (tri Valley) area, it is hard to get the programs on my radio, so it is very convenient to listen to it online.

We will create some lessons out of their recorded Cantonese programs to help you to learn soon.

Learn Basic Cantonese(3)

Happy Friday!

Glad to see you hear again.
URL for this Learn Basic Cantonese(3)

Today, we are going to learn how to say wishes in Cantonese.
11. 祝你路旅愉快! = Have a nice trip
12.祝你周末愉快! = Wish you a happy weekend / Have a nice weekend
13.祝你生日快乐! = Wish you a happy birthday
14.祝你有个愉快嘅礼拜五晚上! = Wish you a happy Friday!
15.祝你早日康复! = Wish you an early recovery

Pronunciation and definition of the above can be found here.

Learn Cantonese with Fun (1)

Learning Cantonese can be lots of fun and romance.

When I saw this video on Youtube, I can't help thinking of putting it here to share with you and teach you how to propose to a girl like Jacky Cheung,

At 0:26, he said, "求求你“ means "I'm begging you." Now you know to beg/ask/request someone to marry you in Cantonese.
At 0:29, he said, "请姑娘你听埋佢我呢句” = Please, young girl, you listen to me to finish this sentence (Please let me finish my sentence.)
Note that the subtitle in the video is Mandarin translation, not Cantonese. That's why there's difference.
At 0:50 "字其实只得三个” = the words are only three characters
1:00 我爱你 = I love you! Note: = nei2, but it is used for female.


Learn Basic Cantonese:(2)

Basic Cantonese:(2)

This lesson may fit into Business Cantonese as well.
If you are reading this using RSS reader, you may need to come to
for the mp3 sound recording for better study.

6.王先生(王生),早晨! Morning, Mr. Wong(Wang)
7.李太,早晨! Morning, Mrs. Li (Lee).
8.呢位系(係)我嘅经理,谭生。This is my manager Mr. Tan (Tam).
9.谭经理,欢迎你!Welcome, Manager Tam!
10.李太,多谢你的邀请。Mrs. Lee,thank you for your invitation.
Note: We tend to read “”as “” in Cantonese.
In Chinese (Cantonese and Mandarin), we tend to address people by their titles such as Manager, Director, Teacher, etc. to show respects.
For further study, please check out MDBG notes

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Happy Mother’s Day in Cantonese with sound

Happy Mother's Day in Cantonese

Here's quick and short lesson:


Detailed definition

Want to know how to say "Happy Mother's Day" in Mandarin Chinese? Click Here.

Cantonese Idiom:Knock on wood

Some of our fans ask us to pronounce some idioms from

1. 大吉利是 knock on wood (knock the wood). It actually means saying something not quite appropriate at that time so bad luck would come if what is being would come true.

2. 对牛弹琴 play the music to the cow, who cannot understand. Talk to the wrong person.

3. 送羊入虎口 send the sheep to the tiger mouth (feed the tiger with your sheep... to sacrifice, waste)

4. 讲就天下无敌, 做就无能为力 talk like a hero, act like a coward or useless person. Only lip service.

Just go to for the detailed pronunciation and word by word definitions

Learn Basic Cantonese:(1)

Today, we begin a new short series so that we hope that we can have update more than twice a week.

Every time, we just learn 5 short sentences.

Learn Basic Cantonese:(1)

1. 你好! ( Hello!)
2.我叫保罗。 ( I'm Paul )
3.我姓陈。 (My last name is Chen )
4.陈小姐,你好! (Hello, Miss Chen. )
5.保罗先生,你好!(Hello, Paul! )

Some asked us to put Jyutping and definitions for these sentences for further learning.
Please click HERE to study more and come back here to replay the mp3 lesson.
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