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How To Say It In Cantonese:Marry in Cantonese(2)
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Happy Mother’s Day in Cantonese
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Cantonese for Missionaries

Learn Cantonese for your mission in Hong Kong, Guangdong and Guangxi and among the overseas Chinese communities.

We are compiling a book called "Cantonese for Missionaries" and will publish in ebook format first and then in print.

The "Cantonese for Missionaries" ebook is handy on your computer and enables you to listen to the mp3 attached or downloadable separately for you to burn into CD or store in your mp3 players.

TV Shows to Learn Cantonese (for Missionaries)

We are open for input and want to know what most of the missionaries want to say in Cantonese in order to spread the good news of God's salvation and Jesus love as well as our hope and choice of eternal life. Please contact us.


Availability: Sept 7, 2011 or sooner. With all your support and encouragement.

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