Lesson 10: I am busy in Cantonese

Hello everyone, 大家好!

Here's our Cantonese podcast Lesson ten at CantonesePod.com.

Did you try our "how to say" in Cantonese series? Let review two of the series:

nei5 hou3 leng3
= you are (so) pretty.
you very pretty (lit.)

nei5 hou2 leng3 zai2 = you are so handsome
you very handsome boy (lit.)

This is our sentence pattern for today:
pronoun/noun + adjective
We call this a sentence with an adjectival predicate. Very useful and we use it a lot in Chinese including Mandarin.

(唔得闲)。 = I am very busy (very 'not free')
I(am) very busy. (lit.)
得闲 = free; not busy.
唔得闲 = busy.

唔得闲。 = He/she is very busy.
He/she(is) very busy.(lit.)

朋友 心。 = My boyfriend is very careless/thoughtless.
my male friend very rough heart (lit.)
粗心 = careless/thoughtless having a rough/careless heart/mind)

我嘅 朋友 细心。 = My girlfriend is very careful/considerate/attentive (She's a careful person).
my female friend very tiny heart. (lit.)
细心 = careful; attentive.

佢嘅 前夫 有钱。 = Her ex-husband is very rich.
Her former husband very have money (lit.)
有钱 = having money; rich.

味。 = The dishes you cooked are very delicious.
you cook dish(es) very good taste.(lit.)
= delicious; same as 好吃 in Mandarin.

OK. Wish you a great weekend.
week end happy (lit.)

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