Lesson6: How to say this in Cantonese?

Lesson 6 How do you say this in Cantonese?

Hi, 大家好!
Welcome to CantonesePod.com! 欢迎大家来到粤语播客!
What! What did I say?
glad meet ( glad to meet you = welcome)
big family (= everyone)
come to
Guangdong language (=Cantonese)
播 = broadcast
客 =guest
播客 = podcast ( derives from 博客 for blog and similar sound of podcast )

OK. Today's sentence pattern:

How do (you/we) say/write ... in Cantonese/English/French/Japanese?
粤语/英语/法语/日语 ... 点讲/写?

点 = how
讲 = say/speak
写 = write

A:粤语 "I love you" 点讲? ( How do you say "I love you?" )

A:英文 嘅 丑 字 点写啊? ( How do you write the word "ugly/shame" in English?)
B: U-g-l-y
A: 英文 嘅 LOVE 点串啊? ( How do you spell "love" in English?)
B: L-O-V-E
串 = spell ( literately means string something together )
啊 = question indicator (put at the end of a sentence to change a statement into a question. )
OK, see you next week at CantonesePod.com

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