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Cantonese idioms

Cantonese Idiom:Knock on wood

Some of our fans ask us to pronounce some idioms from http://www.cantonese.ca/idioms.php

1. 大吉利是 knock on wood (knock the wood). It actually means saying something not quite appropriate at that time so bad luck would come if what is being would come true.

2. 对牛弹琴 play the music to the cow, who cannot understand. Talk to the wrong person.

3. 送羊入虎口 send the sheep to the tiger mouth (feed the tiger with your sheep… to sacrifice, waste)

4. 讲就天下无敌, 做就无能为力 talk like a hero, act like a coward or useless person. Only lip service.

Just go to MDBG.net for the detailed pronunciation and word by word definitions

Cantonese Idiom: Cook the phone…(mp3 updated)

Although Cantonese use almost the same Chinese characters in their newspaper, most of Mandarin-speaking readers cannot really understand what they are talking about.

Why? Because they use Cantonese idioms, which have made the language so colorful.

Today, we’ll try to start to cover some of those interesting Cantonese idioms as some of our visitors have been requesting us to do so:

煲手機粥 bou1 sau2gei1 zuk1= making long calls with their celphone – the calls last so long just like cooking the porridge.
煲电话粥 bou1 din6waa2 zuk1 = make long phone call(s)
殺到埋身 killing comes to you — refers to danger is coming near.
有殺錯無放過 kill all (even the wrong ones ) so none is missed…
新鮮滾熱 brand new/fresh
死得人多 lots of people will be affected in a bad way / many people will be harmed.
失魂魚 a fish with a soul — like a chicken running with its head cut off… refers to something that can bumps into anyone in the way.

Want the Jyutping of the other words?
For now you can use Xuezhongwen.net

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