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How To Say It In Cantonese:Marry in Cantonese(2)
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Happy Mother’s Day in Cantonese
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How to Say in Cantonese?

In Youtube, you can find quite some video on “How to Say It in Cantonese”, and some were created by Cantonesepod. Here we include some by others too for your convenience:

Actually on our Web site CantonesePod.com, we’ve already have quite some contents on How to Say It in Cantonese. You can Google “How to Say in Cantonese” and say lots of our articles related to this topic:


  1. Cantonesehow-to-say | Learn Cantonese 粤语播客

    Some still asked me how to say “how are you?” in Cantonese: Now that you know how to ….There are two ways to say “Sorry” in Cantonese, at least: 
    cantonesepod.com/pods/tag/cantonesehow-to-say/ – Cached
  2. How to say: I miss you in Cantonese | Learn Cantonese 粤语播客

    Jul 13, 2008  So how to say I miss you in Cantonese? Here we go: ngo5 
    cantonesepod.com/…/how-to-say-i-miss-you-in-cantonese/ – Cached
  3. How to say:My Cantonese Is Not Good in Cantonese | Learn Cantonese

    Jul 11, 2008  ngo5 ge3 gwong2 dung1 waa2 m4 hou2 我嘅广东话唔好。 = My 
    cantonesepod.com/…/how-to-say-my-cantonese-is-not-good/ – Cached
    1. Learn Cantonese with Podcast, MP3 & Free Lessons

      cantonesepod.com/ – Cached – Similar
    2. How to say “I love you” in Cantonese? | Learn Cantonese 粤语播客

      Jun 30, 2008  So many people asked for this, so I have to post this first 
      cantonesepod.com/…/how-to-say-i-love-you-in-cantonese/ – Cached
    3. How-to-say | Learn Cantonese 粤语播客

      Jul 14, 2008  Some still asked me how to say “how are you?” in Cantonese
      cantonesepod.com/pods/tag/how-to-say/ – Cached
    4. How to say “you are pretty” in Cantonese | Learn Cantonese 粤语播客

      Jul 4, 2008  How do you say you are pretty? nei5 leng3 but we 
      cantonesepod.com/pods/2008/…/you-are-pretty-in-cantonese/ – Cached
    5. How to say “sorry” in Cantonese(2) | Learn Cantonese 粤语播客

      Jul 1, 2008  Let’s talk about the 2nd way to say sorry: 2. m4 hou2 ji3 
      cantonesepod.com/pods/…/how-to-say-sorry-in-cantonese2/ – Cached

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