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Learn Cantonese by Listening to Chinese Radio

Internet is such a great place to learn any languages including Cantonese and Mandarin.
It is now so convenient for you to create an emergent learning environment using the Internet radio station.

Cantonese learners in San Francisco Bay Area are lucky to have Singtao Chinese Radio, which is also available online at http://ChineseRadio.com. They have both Cantonese and Mandarin programs.
The Chinese characters for "Singtao Chinese Radio" are 星島中文電臺 (星岛中文电台) sing1 dou2 zung1 man4 din6 toi4 (in Jyutping )

You may listen to live program if you have Windows Media Player installed and use Internet Explorer: (6am to 2pm then 4 to 6pm Mon-Fri PST). In Dublin/Pleasanton/San Ramon (tri Valley) area, it is hard to get the programs on my radio, so it is very convenient to listen to it online.

We will create some lessons out of their recorded Cantonese programs to help you to learn soon.

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