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Learn Basic Cantonese:(2)

Basic Cantonese:(2)

This lesson may fit into Business Cantonese as well.
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6.王先生(王生),早晨! Morning, Mr. Wong(Wang)
7.李太,早晨! Morning, Mrs. Li (Lee).
8.呢位系(係)我嘅经理,谭生。This is my manager Mr. Tan (Tam).
9.谭经理,欢迎你!Welcome, Manager Tam!
10.李太,多谢你的邀请。Mrs. Lee,thank you for your invitation.
Note: We tend to read “”as “” in Cantonese.
In Chinese (Cantonese and Mandarin), we tend to address people by their titles such as Manager, Director, Teacher, etc. to show respects.
For further study, please check out MDBG notes

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