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Lesson 9: you are who or what?

Lesson 9: What do you do? ( I’m a doctor. You are …) How to say that in Cantonese?

Hi, 大家好!Welcome to another Cantonese mp3 lesson at CantonesePod.com.
We’ll come back to basics this time.
Simple sentence pattern:
pronoun + (hai6 = to be) + noun
The pronoun can be I, we, you, they, she, he, but the verb to be(hai6) does not change form.
我系医生。(I’m a doctor.)
我哋系医生。(we are doctors.)
佢哋系政客。(They are politicians.)
佢系政客。(He/She is a politician.)

你系一位教授。(You are a professor.)
你哋系教授。 (You are professors.)

For some explanation and pronunciation in Jyupting or Yale, click HERE.
Post your position or careers here and we’ll let you know how to say it. (register first)
For more lessons and other “How-to” in Cantonese, visit http://CantonesePod.com

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